Chatbiz partner: FirstSupport AI for Zendesk. Give your team instant superpowers: translation, summary, draft, tagging, and more!

Terry Djony

In today's fast-paced digital world, customer support teams face the daunting challenge of handling multilingual queries, managing extensive product details, and performing other routine tasks efficiently. Recognizing this, one of our partners, FirstSupport is thrilled to introduce a ChatGPT-like AI Assistant, designed for customer support teams with heavy operations. 1. Empowering Customer Support with AI:

FirstSupport is designed to be the ultimate AI assistant for customer support teams. Its capabilities extend to:

- Instant Response Drafting: Say goodbye to time-consuming response drafting. FirstSupport AI crafts response drafts by leveraging information from a variety of sources including Zendesk Knowledge Base, Google Docs, PDFs, websites, and more. See for the actions:


- Seamless Translation Services: Our tool enhances global customer support by providing instant translations and composing multilingual responses directly within Zendesk.


- Efficient Ticket Summarization: With a single click, supervisors and Level 2 agents can grasp the essence of customer interactions. Our customizable summary formats extract key information, offering a comprehensive overview of each ticket.

summary gif

2. Streamlined Workflow Features:

Automated Tagging: Easily categorize tickets with customizable tags, streamlining ticket management.

tagging gif

Weekly Customer Issue Highlight: Enable this feature to receive AI-generated weekly reports, helping you identify and address knowledge gaps and product-related issues.

weekly customer support highlight

Try FirstSupport Zendesk, ChatGPT-like AI Assistant for Zendesk, right now --- This is a co-marketing article between Chatbiz & FirstSupport. Want to do a co-marketing together? Please contact

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